Celebrate Kids’ Birthdays At Home

Celebrate Kids’ Birthdays At Home

Even though plans may have to change – there are so many fun ways to celebrate a birthday at home. And for many of us parents with young children, it might be the most stress-free birthday party yet!

1. Connect with Family & Friends Virtually

Host a virtual party with your friends and family using tools such as Zoom or Google Hangouts. Or better yet, set up a Netflix Party viewing session or offer your child extra online gaming time.

2. Order Take-Out

Support a local business! Have your child pick their favorite foods and order delivery or curb-side. Consider having a backyard picnic (if weather permits). 

No dishes. No mess (fingers crossed). What could be better?

3. Encourage Birthday Drive-bys

Put up a sign in your yard encouraging neighbors to honk as they go past or sing outside from afar. Our neighbors put out a special birthday banner anytime anyone in the house has a birthday. Seeing it always brings a smile to my face!

Birthday Car Magnets

Organizing a birthday drive-by for someone else? Consider jazzing up your vehicle with these festive, oversized birthday magnets.

4. Try a New Recipe

I love spending quality time with my family in the kitchen! Choose a recipe to try together so everyone is on board. At our house, we have a recipe box where we handwrite and save our favorites. 

5. Decorate

My two-year-old loves tossing balloons around (and they are very inexpensive!). Make your child feel special on their big day with some streamers, balloons and a birthday banner. 


6. Backyard Games & Activities

Remember tag? Or green light red light? There are a handful of games that can be played with just a few people or as little as two.

7. Bonfire

Roast some s’mores and share stories as you cozy up around the fire with your family. Peanuts make a great campfire snack too! 

8. Get Crafty

Encourage your child to exercise their imagination. As an adult, I find it quite relaxing too! Print out the free birthday coloring page below and help Gertie celebrate her birthday in style!

Giftster Celebrate Birthday Coloring Page

9. Dress Up

I don’t know about your kids, but my daughter loves to play dress up. Right now she’s really into superheros. Dig out some old Halloween costumes or do some online thrifting to find pieces that’ll bring your child’s imagination to life. When I was growing up we had a blast going through our grandparents’ classics like hats, scarfs and old pairs of glasses.

The Game of Life

10. Board Games

Stuck indoors? Haul out the board games or invent a new game. Some of my favorites include Jenga, Sorry, The Game of Life, Twister, Phase10, and Uno. 

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